Chapel Rose Queens 1942-1994


A special service will be held on Sunday, 20 August to dedicate the roll of honour for all the former Rose Queens of the Chapel who served during the years 1942 to 1994 when the Rose Queen Service ended.  Thanks to a former Rose Queen Chapel member Maureen Birchall (aided by Roy) who researched to list the names of all those who served and to David Shallcross for producing the roll of honour.  Please pass on the word to any former Rose Queens or attendants you may know to attend this commemorative service for a walk down memory lane.  The service is at the usual time of 10.45am, all welcome, followed by an “old fashioned” buffet in the hall to give us fond memories of the Walking Day teas which the Rose Queen and retinue would attend.  Photos of former Rose Queens, Walking Days etc will be on display.

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